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Rishika Mohanta

BS-MS Student
Pune, Maharashtra
I have a keen interest in the field of Mechanistic Neuroethology, Sensory Coding and its Evolution, and Neural Mechanisms for Learning. The idea of investigating the connections between complex animal behavior, the controlling neural networks, and the evolutionary significance of varying architectures and neuronal properties. Studying different animals and their sensory systems in the context of their ecology is something I hope to do during my career in research. I also enjoy programming, fabricating new devices, and interdisciplinary approaches to solving traditional problems.

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Saturday, July 18

12:00pm CEST

3:00pm CEST

4:00pm CEST

11:30pm CEST

Sunday, July 19

1:40pm CEST

2:00pm CEST

3:00pm CEST

4:20pm CEST

4:40pm CEST

5:00pm CEST

5:40pm CEST

7:00pm CEST

11:00pm CEST

Monday, July 20

1:00pm CEST

1:40pm CEST

4:20pm CEST

5:00pm CEST

6:20pm CEST

8:00pm CEST

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