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Monday, July 20

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P104: Integrated cortical, thalamic and basal ganglia model of brain function: validation against functional requirements Slot 10Sébastien Naze P110: Synchronization and resilience in the Kuramoto white matter network model with adaptive state-dependent delays Slot 18Daniel Park P11: Effect of interglomerular inhibitory networks on olfactory bulb odor representations Slot 02Daniel Zavitz P120: Ageing-related changes in prosocial reinforcement learning and links to psychopathic traits Slot 16Jo Cutler P121: Avalanches and emergent activity patterns in simulated mouse primary motor cortex Slot 06Donald Doherty P122: Adaptive activity-dependent myelination promotes synchronization in large-scale brain networks Slot 13Rabiya Noori P133: Recurrent neural networks trained in multisensory integration tasks reveal a diversity of selectivity and structural properties Slot 07Jorge Mejias P137: General anesthesia reduces complexity and temporal asymmetry of the informational structures derived from neural recordings in Drosophila Slot 15Roberto Munoz P139: Stereotyped population dynamics in the medial entorhinal cortex Slot 14Soledad Gonzalo Cogno P13: Organization of connectivity between areas in the monkey frontoparietal network Slot 19Bryan Conklin P155: A model for unsupervised object categorization in infants Slot 09Youngjin Park P158: Controllability for nonlinear dynamic brain system under biological constrains Slot 04Jiyoung Kang P163: Biophysics and dynamics shape the cross-correlation properties of monosynaptic connections Slot 21Horacio Rotstein P164: Using entropy to compute phase transitions of large networks of neurons Slot 04Wei Qin P165: Using dynamical mean field theory to study synchronization in the brain. Slot 07Isabelle Harris P171: Neural routing: Determination of the fastest flows and fastest routes in brain networks Slot 01Paula Sanz-Leon P172: Spatiotemporal brain waves on resting-state MEG data Slot 08James Pang P173: How energy constraints shape brain dynamics during hypoxia and epileptic seizures Slot 08Shrey Dutta P17: The Impacts of the Connectome on Coupled Networks of Wilson-Cowan Models with Homeostatic Plasticity Slot 20Wilten Nicola P189: Computationally Going Where Experiments Cannot: A Dynamical Assessment of Dendritic Currents in the Behaving Animal [1] Slot 13Alexandre Guet McCreight P1: Homeostatic recognition circuits emulating network-wide bursting and surprise Slot 20Tsvi Achler P201: Frequency-separated Principal Components Analysis of Cortical Population Activity Slot 14Jean-Philippe Thivierge P211: Neural Networks Architectures That Detect Visual Motion like Biological Brains Slot 05Hamish Pratt P214: Bayesian Model for Multisensory Integration and Segregation Slot 11Ma Xiangyu P215: Loss aversion and outcome-value encoding: A negative association between posterior insula activity and loss aversion coefficient Slot 02Ka Chun Wu P216: Multiplicity and correlations of unidirectional and reciprocal connections in the nervous system of the Caenorhabditis elegans Slot 16Edgar Wright P219: Interpretable modeling of neurons in cortical area V4 via compressed convolutional neural networks Slot 15Reza Abbasi-Asl P220: Extracellular positive spikes in cat primary visual cortex may correspond from the axons of cells originating from the thalamus Slot 01Shi Hai Sun P222: High-resolution connectivity analyses Slot 03Sina Mansour L. P25: Increased Glutamate Metabolism in ACC after Brief Mindfulness Training: A Pilot MR Spectroscopy Study Slot 11Yiyuan Tang P26: Learning recurrent dynamic patterns in spiking neural networks Slot 19Christopher Kim P33: Temperature coding mechanisms in the cold-sensitive Drosophila neurons Slot 09Gennady Cymbalyuk P45: Exploring relevant spatiotemporal scales for analyses of brain dynamics Slot 17Xenia Kobeleva P54: Non-Invasive Chronometric Modeling of Oculomotor Processing Slot 18Devin Kehoe P63: Morphological determinants of neuronal dynamics and function Slot 05Christoph Kirch P66: Brain-computer interfaces using stereotactic electroencephalography: Identification of discriminative recording sites for decoding imagined speech Slot 03Kevin Meng P67: A computational model to inform presurgical evaluation of epilepsy from scalp EEG Slot 12Marinho Lopes P69: Population Model of Oscillatory Dynamics in Hippocampal CA1 and CA3 Regions Slot 12Ashraya Samba Shiva P71: Local homeostatic regulation of the spectral radius of echo-state networks Slot 17Fabian Schubert P73: Effects of transneuronal spreading in the logistic diffusion model of Aβ protein with longitudinal PET scans Slot 06Byeong Chang Jeong

8:00pm CEST

P100: Role of breathing signals and intra-vIRt connectivity in the generation of vibrissa movements Slot 03David Golomb P128: An integrate-and-fire model of narrow band modulation in mouse visual cortex Slot 09Nicolo Meneghetti P129: Correlated inputs to the striatum generate beta over-synchronization in in silico cortico-basal ganglia network Slot 15Elena Manferlotti P12: A population level model of movement disorder oscillations and deep brain stimulation Slot 17Nada Yousif P148: Biophysically grounded mean-field models of neural populations under electrical stimulation Slot 20Caglar Cakan P149: Towards large-scale model of sleeping brain: sleep spindles in network mass models Slot 10Nikola Jajcay P14: Estimation of the cortical microconnectome from in vivo spiking activity in the macaque monkey Slot 12Aitor Morales-Gregorio P156: Analytical solution of linearized equations of the Morris-Lecar neuron model at large constant stimulation Slot 16Tatiana Zemskova P157: Mesoscopic spiking neuronal network model capturing the remote activation of "epilepsy" focus Slot 17Dmitrii Zendrikov P15: Learning sequences of correlated patterns in recurrent networks Slot 16Subhadra Mokashe P169: Entrainment of competitive threshold-linear networks Slot 04Andrea Bel P178: Neuronal resonance may not be apparent, but still present, for realistic input signals using standard impedance measurements Slot 02Rodrigo Pena P179: Synaptic short-term plasticity and temporal filters: interplay of synaptic and postsynaptic dynamics Slot 08Yugarshi Mondal P180: Mean Field Theory Inference and Learning in Networks with Stochastic Natural Exponential Family Neurons Slot 19Ivan Davidovich P182: Intermittent synchronization in a pyramidal-interneuron gamma (PING) network Slot 03Quynh-Anh Nguyen P184: Selection of ictogenic zones in epilepsy surgery using computational models Slot 15Petroula Laiou P188: Neuro-PC: Causal Functional Connectivity for Neural Dynamics Slot 02Rahul Biswas P191: Electro-physiology models of cells with spherical geometry Slot 12Jiamu Jiang P198: Voltage-Dependent Synaptic Plasticity in Magnetic Tunnel Junctions Slot 08Saeideh Ramezani Akbarabadi P199: Stimulation-Induced Decoupling by Spike-Timing-Dependent Plasticity in Neuronal Networks with Propagation Delays Slot 18Mojtaba Madadi Asl P19: Neuroscience Gateway Enabling Modeling and Data Processing using High Performance and High Throughput Computing Resources Slot 01Amitava Majumdar P202: Analysis of Parkinson's Disease Tremor With t-SNE Slot 06Dmitrii Todorov P204: Stabilization of spiking neural networks using stochastic and high-frequency neurostimulation disrupts seizure-like transitions Slot 07Scott Rich P205: Development of efficient connectivity for reliable signal transmission through STDP Slot 01Hedyeh Rezaei P21: Synergy in the Encoding of a moving bar by a retina Slot 14Kuan Hao Chen P22: Retina as a Negative Group Delay Filter Slot 20PoYu Chou P24: A bump-attractor spiking neural network for motor adaptation and washout based on Norepinephrine release in primary motor cortex Slot 09Mariia Popova P28: Inhibitory gain allows transitions between integrated and segregated states: a neuromodulatory analysis from whole-brain models Slot 18Carlos Coronel P30: Biophysically Realistic Model of Mouse Olfactory Bulb Gamma Fingerprint Slot 05Justas Birgiolas, Ph.D. P46: Faster Gradient Descent Learning Slot 05Ho Ling Li P52: Connectivity modulation by dual-site transcranial alternating current stimulation based on spike-timing dependent plasticity Slot 10Bettina Schwab P58: Systematic testing and validation of models of hippocampal neurons against electrophysiological data Slot 13Sára Sáray P61: Self-supervision mechanism of multiple dendritic compartments for temporal feature learning Slot 19Milena Menezes Carvalho P72: Comparison of surrogate techniques for evaluation of spatio-temporal patterns in massively parallel spike trains Slot 13Alessandra Stella P74: Implications of reduced somatostatin interneuron inhibition in depression on human cortical microcircuit activity Slot 07Kant (Heng Kang) Yao P78: Phasic Response of Epileptic Models Slot 11Alberto Perez Cervera P7: Functional dissection of prefrontal networks using optogenetics and large-scale multi-electrode recordings Slot 11Eloise V Giraud

9:00pm CEST

P105: Generating Executable Mushroom Body and Lateral Horn Circuits from the Hemibrain Dataset with FlyBrainLab Slot 10Yiyin Zhou P107: Inferring parameters of DBS-induced short-term synaptic plasticity from in-vivo recordings of human brain Slot 16Alireza Ghadimi P112: Comparing Drosophila Neural Circuit Models with FlyBrainLab Slot 07Mehmet Kerem Turkcan P118: Compartmental models for mammalian cortical pyramidal neurons: a survey of published models, model complexity and parameter sensitivity Slot 13Emma Huhtala P123: Computational Implementation in NEURON of Inter-cellular Calcium Waves in Syncytial Tissue Slot 20Nilapratim Sengupta P124: Morphologically-detailed reconstruction of cerebellar glial cells Slot 11Laura Keto P131: Unsupervised metadata tagging of computational neuroscience literature, towards question answering Slot 09Evan Cudone P136: Effect of Independent Noise on the Synchronization of Interacting Excitatory-Inhibitory Networks Slot 01Lucas Rebscher P138: Processing Capacity of recurrent spiking networks Slot 05Tobias Schulte to Brinke P141: A synthetic likelihood solution to the silent synapse estimation problem Slot 08Michael Lynn P145: Possible roles of non-synaptic interactions between olfactory receptor neurons in insects Slot 14Mario Pannunzi P146: Larger GPU-accelerated brain simulations with procedural connectivity Slot 05James C Knight P150: The cortical ignition is related to local and mesoscale features of structural connectivity in the connectome of non-human organisms Slot 06Samy Castro P151: Generalisation of stimulus representation across somatosensory cortex areas in a cellular-resolution photostimulus detection task Slot 04Thijs L van der Plas P159: Effective connectivity between the forebrain and tectum in the lavar zebra fish for opto-motor behaviors Slot 03Dongmyeong Lee P160: Dynamic causal modeling of single cell level activities observed in the calcium imaging Slot 16Jinseok Eo P177: Modeling theta-band resonance in a neocortical circuit Slot 21Rodrigo Pena P181: Long-term turnover dynamics in area CA1 of hippocampus are consistent with plasticity of non-spatial inputs Slot 06Federico Devalle P185: Higher-order interactions induced by strong shared inputs Slot 14Safura Rashid Shomali P218: The Geometry of Spatio-Temporal Odorant Mixture Encoding in the Drosophila Mushroom Body Slot 08Tingkai Liu P225: Functional Identification of the Odorant Transduction Process of Drosophila Olfactory Sensory Neurons Slot 07Tingkai Liu P23: Closed-form approximations of single-channel calcium nanodomains in the presence of cooperative calcium buffers Slot 15Victor Matveev P29: High-order interdependencies and the functional balance of segregation-integration in the aging brain Slot 03Rodrigo Cofre P2: The monosynaptic inference problem: linking statistics and dynamics in ground truth models Slot 12Zach Saccomano P34: Atlas-mapped reconstruction of the cerebellar Lingula Slot 11Alice Geminiani P3: Using Higher-Order Networks to Analyze Non-Linear Dynamics in Neural Network Models Slot 14Xerxes Arsiwalla P49: Electro-diffusion of ions in dendritic signal transduction Slot 17Yinyun Li P50: Spatial denoising through topographic modularity in networks of spiking neurons Slot 02Barna Zajzon P77: Tonic GABAergic inhibition enhances activity-dependent dendritic calcium signaling Slot 09Thomas M. Morse P84: Brainpower – Investigating the role of power constraints in neural network plasticity Slot 02Silviu Ungureanu P87: Centrality of left inferior frontal gyrus reveals important aspect of motor learning generalization Slot 04Youngjo Song P88: Phosphorylation-induced variation of NF kinetics and morphology of axon Slot 13Zelin Jia P90: Texture-like neural representations Slot 12Emil Dmitruk P91: A unified framework for the application and evaluation of different methods for neural parameter optimization Slot 10Szabolcs Kali P99: Integrated Model of Reservoir Computing and Autoencoder for Explainable Artificial Intelligence Slot 15Hoon-Hee Kim

10:00pm CEST

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